Criteria for gaining the CONSUMERS INCLUDED seal of approval

Why include consumers?
The added value of including informed consumers in conferences, forums and other events, for the organiser, the attendees, representative consumers and their networks is now well accepted. To promote and encourage this practice, a “seal of approval” logo has been developed and is available for use, initially for cancer related events.

The Criteria
An organisation mounting a conference, forum or other event of interest & value to people affected by cancer may receive approval to use the Consumers Included logo if they undertake the following:

  • Informed consumers representing people affected by cancer (minimum two) are ensured a presence at conferences, forums and other events delivered on topics of relevance to them
  • Registration, travel and accommodations costs are covered – if the consumer is representing a volunteer consumer organisation and is not a paid employee of a consumer organisation
  • Consumers are sourced through recognised cancer consumer networks and organisations, eg Cancer Voices, Australian Cancer Consumer Network and the cancer specific groups (eg MPA, BTAA, RCA, BCNA) where appropriate.
  • Consumers are invited to contribute their informed perspective to the event audience as part of the listed program, in keeping with the event theme and as appropriate (eg panels, presentations)
  • Consumers who are supported to attend these events will provide a brief report to their nominating organisation and to the host body.

Eligible hosting organisations are:

✓ Professional colleges related to cancer
✓ Conference organisers, including industry
✓ Cancer charities, foundations, research institutions,
✓ Government agencies, state and federal

The Logo and its use: housekeeping
The logo can be used on promotional material, both electronic and hard copy, with a record being provided to Cancer Voices. The CONSUMERS INCLUDED logo is Trademarked to protect its use.

Please complete the application form and forward to us via

A small panel of nominees of Australian Cancer Consumer Network groups, including Cancer Voices, will decide if a requesting host meets the criteria and should receive approval to use of the logo for the specified event.