Cancer Voices is launching a new logo branding concept for Australia. We are calling it “Consumers Included” which pretty much says it all!

Why include consumers? The added value and benefit of including informed consumers in conferences, forums and other events, for the organiser, the attendees, representative consumers and their networks has been demonstrated and is now well accepted. To promote and encourage this practice, a “seal of approval” logo has been developed, and is now available for use.

As an organisation which may wish to seek the privilege of using the logo, we want you to be among the first to know about it – and of course to have the opportunity to apply for its use.

Display of the distinctive Consumers Included logo shows your members, speakers and stakeholders that as a meeting, workshop, conference or event host, you are committed to engagement with consumers in a meaningful way. Inclusion benefits the host organisation, its members and conference attendees as well as ensuring that networked consumers learn more about the latest research, information and thinking in their field of interest. This will ultimately improve the quality of our Consumer Involvement in Research Program and other representational and advocacy activities.

To apply to use the logo (for conference/ event websites and other promotional material) please contact us via info@consumersincluded.org.au. We will provide you with a short application form, and outline the criteria for use of the logo. There is no charge. The logo is being Trademarked to protect its use. We will regularly publish a list of those organisations using the logo on the Cancer Voices Australia website and advise the 30 strong Australian Cancer Consumer Network groups of uptake.

While this is an initiative of Cancer Voices Australia for cancer related conference hosts, our future plans are to extend it for more general health related use. We have already received several expressions of interest to do so. However, we think a pilot program for cancer, showing how together we can lead the way in another “first” for Australia, is the way to begin in 2016.

Please contact us via the info@consumersincluded.org.au for the application form and/or any questions.